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Posted by : Unknown October 24, 2015

This is a re-post from my Grace Plus Faith site. This is important enough to me to post in both places rather than just linking to it.

While making her promotion rounds, on October 15th, Oprah Winfrey appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new television event, Belief. While discussing this latest project, Oprah and Stephen shared about their favorite bible verses. For me, the words that rolled out of Oprah's mouth were offensive, and a complete misrepresentation of God's Word.

People can say and believe whatever they choose. Free will. My issue here is that the millions (or billions or whatever) of people who adore, worship, and bow down to Oprah (and believe that only pure gold spouts from her mouth) are now going to believe that load of hooey if they don't have a strong foundation in the bible themselves. Oprah clearly does not want to offend anyone. Remaining PC and all-encompassing while discussing certain topics, such as religion, is important to her and her overall image, but I know a run-a-round when I see it.

Psalm 37:4 is clear, but its meaning is even more clear if one reads the verses above and below it (additional Ps 37:4 ref). A similar verse, Matthew 6:33 is clear, as is Luke 12:31.

Nowhere in those verses does it say, "Lord has a wide range. What is Lord? Compassion, love, forgiveness, kindness. So, you delight yourself in the those virtues, where the character of the Lord is revealed. Delight thyself in goodness. Delight thyself in love, kindness, compassion(mumbled), and you will receive the desires of your heart." Ummm... nope. That isn't what that verse says. Nope.

Are Christians supposed to follow Jesus' example and exhibit those characteristics? Yes! Of course! But, that verse does NOT say to "delight" ourselves in those virtues or characteristics, It says to delight yourself in the Lord. It also does not say to look for the Lord everywhere except the bible, and then you'll receive the desires of our hearts. For crying out loud! Come on! By the way, great job trying to make that verse acceptable or palatable to every single person on earth regardless of religious affiliations, or whether or not they believe in, worship, pray to, or trust in God. It all sounds nice and pretty, but it isn't accurate. This is why one should always fact-check any person, preacher or otherwise, who "quotes" from, or tries to teach/preach from the bible.

"You know, you cannot be in the world without believing in something, even if you don’t call it uh a deity. So, there are people who believe in working hard and striving for their best, and you know, but don’t call that- don't have that uh - necessary religious belief, And faith is very different, I think. Faith is knowing that no matter what, you’re going to be okay." ~ Oprah Winfrey [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/aired on or about 10.15.15]

It is true... One cannot be in the world without believing in something. Something. Right? Some people believe in God, and His son, Jesus Christ. Some people believe in other religious beings. Some people believe in their family and friends. Some people believe in chocolate. Some people believe that if you wear the same stinky socks and underwear, their team will win the playoffs. Some people believe in the power of herbs and other natural medicine. Some people believe in prayer only for healing. No doctors or medicine. Some people believe psychics. Some people believe cats steal your breath when you sleep. I think you get my point. So, yes, it would be difficult to be in the world and not believe in something. 

Hmmm... It's time to be seen because she's promoting. Well, that's true of almost all celebrities. (Not that I'm overly fond of any one of them.) But, what makes me sick here is how people worship this PC woman. She buys into Weight watchers, so a whole pack of women and even men across the country begin signing up for WW. Let's ignore the fact that, considering her weight history, no one should be following her example. Just sayin'. But, people all over ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO get involved with WW just because Oprah said so. Just further proof that an overwhelming number of people cannot think for themselves, and that just makes me sick.

For the record, I am a black woman, so don't even try that racist card.) You know... Just for those out there who may be thinking that.) But, I have to admit... I have NEVER understood the power that is Oprah Winfrey. I have never understood why so many people think only gold spews from her mouth. I have never understood why so many people, women, and especially white women cry when she walks onto the stage. This is why her misrepresentation of God's word is so important to me. Because too many people will simply take her word for it. That means too many people are being deceived. Kudos to her for all she has achieved in this life, but I guess I'm going to have to be forever in the minority on this one. 

God bless you and yours, and thanks for reading! 

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