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Posted by : Anita Unmuted November 09, 2014

This isn't my typical type of post, but it is what's on my mind. I can't help but think that if everyone wished and fought for a few things on this list (maybe even the silly stuff), the world would indeed be a better place for all of us.

I wish... Homeschooling was fully understood and accepted everywhere.
I wish... All children were safe, happy, and well-fed.
I wish... I could clean house at the speed of light.
I wish... My daughter could be a toddler, and the wonderful pre-tween she is right now, at the exact same time.
I wish... I wasn't in so much pain every single day.

I wish... I really had a magic lamp.
I wish... I was on a starship.
I wish... I had a replicator and a shuttlecraft.
I wish... People had more patience, understanding, and compassion for each other.
Hmmm... I wish... people had more patience, understanding, and compassion with each other.
I wish... Running our country, and providing for its citizens, wasn't based on self and political interests.
I wish... we could come together, not only as a country, but worldwide as a people.
I wish... All of the people leading churches belonged there.
I wish... Vulnerable people were less trusting, and more discerning.
I wish... Commercials were illegal... unless they're funny.
I wish... Shock commercials and advertisements (esp. by lawyers) were punishable by at least 10 years in prison.
I wish... Businesses/companies would stop following the crowd and get their own sites instead of using trackyoureverymoveandsellyourinfoBook.
I wish... I wish ALL cops were good.
I wish... People would resist the nudge to judge.
I wish... The bad cops were in prison.
I wish... Desserts were calorie and fat free.
I wish... (Sometimes) that I lived on a deserted island.
I wish... Everyone could be truly safe in their homes.
I wish... Food, and other necessities in life, cost less.
I wish... Family meant what it's supposed to mean.
I wish... Pedophiles, batterers, abusers, and rapists were punished appropriately...
I wish... The same went for animal abusers.
I wish... Animals weren't treated as property by the law.
I wish... I could learn much more code much faster.
I wish... I could knit much, much faster. (I will soon.)
I wish... Hackers would use their skills to better the world instead of tear it down.
I wish... Everyone could reach and then explode past his or her potential.

I wish... Bullied children believed and knew in their hearts that bullies mean absolutely nothing, and their pain will soon pass.
             I wish... Women would come together, lift each other up, and support each other.
                          I wish... Abused women believed they deserve better.
                                        I wish... ALL women knew they were beautiful!
                                                     I wish... ALL children knew they were special!
                                                                  I wish... ALL people felt loved!
                                                                                I wish... Everyone knew the love of Jesus Christ

My wish for you is that...
  * You experience a love that overtakes your heart
       * You have courage to tackle the impossible
              * You know your true beauty
                     * Laughter fills your days
                             * Friendships carry you through

Blessings! Thanks for reading!

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