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Posted by : Anita Unmuted October 09, 2014

Ugh! We've all seen those commercials-- Women, men and children smiling and laughing as if purchasing products and services is the most care-free and wonderful activity on earth. It isn't. It's miserable for many reasons. Yes, I do enjoy getting (as in getting it home or having) the items I need or want, but the actual act of picking out and purchasing those items can be brutal. But, why?
First, let's talk about grocery shopping. Below, is a quote of a facebook post written by a friend of mine:
"Getting REALLY sick of the new way stores are laying out their products. All grains in this aisle UNLESS it's gluten free and then it's on the other side of the store, but if it's ALSO organic then it's in yet another section! Want a spice? Better know what nationality it originated in, because the aisle that has the big sign that says SPICES on it only has European/American flavors like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (sorry, couldn't resist!) You have to go to the Ethnic Food aisle and go through five different spice racks to find the one you want if it's anything even remotely exotic, like curry (which isn't all that exotic, truth be told!) Veggies are here, organic veggies are WAY OVER there. All of the packages are clearly labeled (even the fruit!) as to what's special about it, why can't they just put it all in the same place??? I'm tired of playing hunt the couscous!" ~~ Natalie Bliesener
Well, that pretty much sums it up, and I agree with her. These days, grocery shopping is high on the list of beyond annoying. I have dealt with every single thing Natalie mentioned. My work-around? I've actually made store employees get some of my items. I'm not being mean, and I'm not being a jerk. The fact is I've had a million (slight exaggeration) surgeries, and I'm having to deal with a few side effects of having diabetes. In a nutshell, walking is painful. Very painful. It's difficult enough to get around those stores without having to go back-n-forth because they keep rearranging everything, and because taco-flavored seasoning is now segregated from the typical seasonings.

Another irritant is what I call the aisle or end-cap commercials. You know what I'm talking about. The screens that are now at the end of random aisles (in certain stores like Wal-Mart and Target) that scream infomercials at shoppers as they walk by. Adults and children everywhere should thank their lucky stars that I don't carry a hammer in my purse. Oooooh! I cannot EVEN tell you how many of those things I would have smashed into kibble by now. Really? We don't have to deal with enough commercials and infomercials in our lives? Now, they have to scream at us while we're trying to buy toilet paper?

And, let's not even talk about the traffic, the long lines, the carts that sound like gunfire and roll like they're on gravel, the self checkout machines that talk way too loud and way too much, and the ONE cashier at the ONE register that's always open "to serve us".

Now, I LOVE getting a great deal, and I mean a GREAT deal. I do get excited about that, and I tend to not mind the rest quite so much. However, I am not floating around saying, "Yay! I get to give you my money! Whoo hoo! Yay! I am sooooo happy to be here! It is soooo lovely to see you again, Miss Cashier! Yes, please take more money! I insist!" Nope. I don't say that and I don't think it. I'm thinking, "GET ME THE HECK OUTTA HERE! NOW!" Yep. That's it.

For the record, I don't sport a super-grin, laugh, or sing with purchasing joy and complete elation when I take a shower, wash my hair, or shave my legs. I might hum a tune every now and then, but I'm not having a party in there.  Frankly, it just isn't that much fun. :)

Okay, okay. The point is I hate shopping. I hate grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and any other kind of shopping. Wait... I do like shopping for yarn and notions for a new knitting project. I also like shopping for used/re-purposed stuff for building projects. But that's different-- on both counts.

The bigger point is that I hate commercials. They are annoying and they are everywhere- TV, radio, computer, tablets and phones, and various apps. I think they should be against the law. Illegal. Illegal due to the level of annoyance. Commercials and ads always show smiling, dancing, twirling people because they want us (the consumer) to believe that we will feel that way if we buy that product or drink that drink. Red Bull even lost their law suit and now will pay consumers $10 each for misleading advertising. Consumers sued claiming they were mislead by the phrase, "Red Bull gives you wings." What is there to say after that? Sigh.

Thanks for reading!

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