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Posted by : Unknown September 10, 2014

I homeschool my daughter. As we reviewed a few things recently, I suddenly remembered a conversation we had last year when she was in the 3rd grade. We were studying specific math concepts, and my daughter began showing fear again. You may think I'm talking about the lesson, but I'm not.

My daughter has always been overly worried and concerned about pleasing me and making me proud of her. This is something she need not worry about... EVER, but she does... constantly -- especially during school time. This is true of most kids which is why reinforcing love, understanding, and patience is so important.

During class, we spent a lot of time discussing her fears-- fear of not making me proud, fear of getting the answer wrong,
fear of disappointing me. That is way too much fear for a little one to bear.

After a long discussion, I told her to have faith in me -- not her fear.  I explained that she needs to have faith in my love for her, and she should never doubt that I am proud of her just because of whom she is-- A fun, smart, friendly, beautiful, loving, caring, artistic, major creative, respectful, and God-loving little girl. Then, I repeated several times, "Have faith in me- not your fear. And, always have faith in yourself."

After all of that, it was definitely break time, so we went outside to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather.  As I walked out the door I heard in my spirit, "Have faith in Me -- Not your fear."  Uh-oh!!!!!

Yep, once again, God used my lesson to my daughter to teach me.  (Shrinks)  He reminded me that I do not always trust Him, but instead, I often give more weight to my fear. Sigh. You know, it really irks me when He does that. :D  But, He did say, "Trust in Me." Right?

Where does your faith lie?  In your fear?  In your circumstances?  In God?  I believe that's something all of us should think about.

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed week!

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