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Posted by : Anita Unmuted April 04, 2014

No, I'm not a drug addict. The title refers to knitting needles. :)

I tried to learn to knit years ago, but I didn't have support (from the one immediate family member who knits), and I didn't have any friends to share the process with. That resulted in a whatever-just-forget-it kind of attitude. I dropped the needles, and never looked back. Until...

Well, wouldn't you know it-- another lame rip-off craze showed up. This time, it was the Cra-Z-Loom (also Krazy Loom & Rainbow Loom). Various kids' craft companies reared their heads because almost every one wanted a piece of the action, but the premise was the same-- make jewelry with rubber bands using a loom. Kids all over were addicted. This was the new thing. Kids everywhere were making friendship bracelets, necklaces, and other items for themselves and their friends. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. Not at all. But, I was still irritated because this was yet another craze that yes, got kids "crafting", but also pulled them away from real crafting-- real yarn/thread/floss work. To me, this was sad especially since this activity is based on the real thing. However, the flip side is that hopefully this and other craft toys, jewelry makers, etc. will also get kids interested in going further and learning more about the wide world of crafts. I don't like these things, but for the crafty kid, they could be the beginning of something wonderful. Anyway, I digress...

I had always planned to teach my daughter how to knit, crochet, and do other crafts such as sewing, quilting and needlepoint; although, I wasn't quite sure when that introduction was going to take place. In walks the band looms. She saw. She wanted. She got for Christmas from a friend and me. As I watched her work, my skin began to crawl. My irritation began to rise. (Or maybe it was anticipation.) It was time.

Baby Girl has always enjoyed building, drawing, and making things. I noticed she was enjoying this process as well. I also noticed the frustration when a band or two broke because they were so thin. Hmmm. She was so excited when she completed her first bracelet. It was very pretty, but I could also see the future-- band deterioration and disintegration. Have you ever seen how a rubber band looks after it has been in a drawer for a while? Ick.

The moment was here. I looked at her. I hugged her. I sat her down. I told her about the projects I had made as a child. You know the story... jewelry made from yarn and floss, potholders, rug hooking, needlepoint, weaving. Oh, yeah! Those things were cool, and I STILL have some of my projects. Yep, and they still look good!

I told her about knitting and crochet, and I told her about the wonderful things she could make. I told her that we could work on projects together, and believe me, she really loved that idea. So, I asked her if she wanted to go look at yarn and other stuff. Her excitement could not be contained, so off we went. After showing her examples of different types of projects, I said, "Which would you rather make? These knitting and crochet projects? Floss jewelry? Needlepoint? Or, would you rather make jewelry out of rubber bands? Or, would you like to do all of them?" She yelled, "I want to work with yarn and floss! I want to make hats and scarves, and stuff for you, and stuff for my dolls! Oh, and I can knit sweaters for the dogs! I want to do this!!!! It's much better than rubber bands, and they melt anyway when they get old!" I grabbed yarn, floss/threads, needles, and hooks, and the learning began. I learned to cast on, and I taught my daughter. I learned the knit stitch, and I taught my daughter. I learned to purl, I taught my daughter, and the rest is history.

Baby Girl's Scarf


That was several days after Christmas last year (yes, a very short time ago), and we haven't stopped yet. We get so much enjoyment out of creating, and we were very excited to be able to make different things for our friends as a way to show them how much we love and appreciate them. This continues to be a wonderful experience for both of us.

Since then, my stash has grown, and I've added more needles, hooks, and even a couple of looms to the mix. I've made friends on craft and knitting sites, and I learn something new everyday. Both of us have made hats, scarves, and wash cloths. Baby Girl has even knitted an outfit for one of her dolls. Another added benefit? Homeschool Arts and Crafts have never been better! Life is good!

Years ago, I put down the needles because I didn't have any inspiration or motivation. After my daughter was born, everything changed. Now, the crafty world is our oyster.

I'd love to know what kind of crafts you enjoy creating. Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!  Your comments are appreciated!

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