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Oprah's Misrepresentation of God's Word

By : Unknown
This is a re-post from my Grace Plus Faith site. This is important enough to me to post in both places rather than just linking to it.

While making her promotion rounds, on October 15th, Oprah Winfrey appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new television event, Belief. While discussing this latest project, Oprah and Stephen shared about their favorite bible verses. For me, the words that rolled out of Oprah's mouth were offensive, and a complete misrepresentation of God's Word.

People can say and believe whatever they choose. Free will. My issue here is that the millions (or billions or whatever) of people who adore, worship, and bow down to Oprah (and believe that only pure gold spouts from her mouth) are now going to believe that load of hooey if they don't have a strong foundation in the bible themselves. Oprah clearly does not want to offend anyone. Remaining PC and all-encompassing while discussing certain topics, such as religion, is important to her and her overall image, but I know a run-a-round when I see it.

Psalm 37:4 is clear, but its meaning is even more clear if one reads the verses above and below it (additional Ps 37:4 ref). A similar verse, Matthew 6:33 is clear, as is Luke 12:31.

Nowhere in those verses does it say, "Lord has a wide range. What is Lord? Compassion, love, forgiveness, kindness. So, you delight yourself in the those virtues, where the character of the Lord is revealed. Delight thyself in goodness. Delight thyself in love, kindness, compassion(mumbled), and you will receive the desires of your heart." Ummm... nope. That isn't what that verse says. Nope.

Are Christians supposed to follow Jesus' example and exhibit those characteristics? Yes! Of course! But, that verse does NOT say to "delight" ourselves in those virtues or characteristics, It says to delight yourself in the Lord. It also does not say to look for the Lord everywhere except the bible, and then you'll receive the desires of our hearts. For crying out loud! Come on! By the way, great job trying to make that verse acceptable or palatable to every single person on earth regardless of religious affiliations, or whether or not they believe in, worship, pray to, or trust in God. It all sounds nice and pretty, but it isn't accurate. This is why one should always fact-check any person, preacher or otherwise, who "quotes" from, or tries to teach/preach from the bible.

"You know, you cannot be in the world without believing in something, even if you don’t call it uh a deity. So, there are people who believe in working hard and striving for their best, and you know, but don’t call that- don't have that uh - necessary religious belief, And faith is very different, I think. Faith is knowing that no matter what, you’re going to be okay." ~ Oprah Winfrey [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/aired on or about 10.15.15]

It is true... One cannot be in the world without believing in something. Something. Right? Some people believe in God, and His son, Jesus Christ. Some people believe in other religious beings. Some people believe in their family and friends. Some people believe in chocolate. Some people believe that if you wear the same stinky socks and underwear, their team will win the playoffs. Some people believe in the power of herbs and other natural medicine. Some people believe in prayer only for healing. No doctors or medicine. Some people believe psychics. Some people believe cats steal your breath when you sleep. I think you get my point. So, yes, it would be difficult to be in the world and not believe in something. 

Hmmm... It's time to be seen because she's promoting. Well, that's true of almost all celebrities. (Not that I'm overly fond of any one of them.) But, what makes me sick here is how people worship this PC woman. She buys into Weight watchers, so a whole pack of women and even men across the country begin signing up for WW. Let's ignore the fact that, considering her weight history, no one should be following her example. Just sayin'. But, people all over ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO get involved with WW just because Oprah said so. Just further proof that an overwhelming number of people cannot think for themselves, and that just makes me sick.

For the record, I am a black woman, so don't even try that racist card.) You know... Just for those out there who may be thinking that.) But, I have to admit... I have NEVER understood the power that is Oprah Winfrey. I have never understood why so many people think only gold spews from her mouth. I have never understood why so many people, women, and especially white women cry when she walks onto the stage. This is why her misrepresentation of God's word is so important to me. Because too many people will simply take her word for it. That means too many people are being deceived. Kudos to her for all she has achieved in this life, but I guess I'm going to have to be forever in the minority on this one. 

God bless you and yours, and thanks for reading! 

MSD Organizer- A PIM Review

By : Unknown
If you've read my review of Efficient PIM, you know I'm always on a never-ending journey to find the perfect PIM [Personal Information Manager]. Recently, I was looking for a different type of product, and I came across MSD Organizer. The images and feature list intrigued me, but I still expected to be slightly disappointed. Well, that's usually the case. However, with this product, I came across a few features I didn't expect.

Hour of Code #HourOfCode

By : Unknown
Wow! It's that time of year again, and this household is excited. It's time for Hour of Code! Yay!

What is Hour of Code? It's an initiative that was organized by Code.org in 2013 as a way to introduce computer science to kids (and adults) and get them coding. Code.org says, "The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics."  The Hour of Code site states, "The Hour of Code is organized by Code.org, a public 501c3 non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. An unprecedented coalition of partners have come together to support the Hour of Code, too — including Microsoft, Apple,

I wish...

By : Unknown
This isn't my typical type of post, but it is what's on my mind. I can't help but think that if everyone wished and fought for a few things on this list (maybe even the silly stuff), the world would indeed be a better place for all of us.

I wish... Homeschooling was fully understood and accepted everywhere.
I wish... All children were safe, happy, and well-fed.
I wish... I could clean house at the speed of light.
I wish... My daughter could be a toddler, and the wonderful pre-tween she is right now, at the exact same time.
I wish... I wasn't in so much pain every single day.
I wish... I really had a magic lamp.
I wish... I was on a starship.
I wish... I had a replicator and a shuttlecraft.
I wish... People had more patience, understanding, and compassion for each other.
Hmmm... I wish... people had more patience, understanding, and compassion with each other.
I wish... Running our country, and providing for its citizens, wasn't based on self and political interests.
I wish... we could come together, not only as a country, but worldwide as a people.
I wish... All of the people leading churches belonged there.
I wish... Vulnerable people were less trusting, and more discerning.
I wish... Commercials were illegal... unless they're funny.
I wish... Shock commercials and advertisements (esp. by lawyers) were punishable by at least 10 years in prison.
I wish... Businesses/companies would stop following the crowd and get their own sites instead of using trackyoureverymoveandsellyourinfoBook.
I wish... I wish ALL cops were good.
I wish... People would resist the nudge to judge.
I wish... The bad cops were in prison.
I wish... Desserts were calorie and fat free.
I wish... (Sometimes) that I lived on a deserted island.
I wish... Everyone could be truly safe in their homes.
I wish... Food, and other necessities in life, cost less.
I wish... Family meant what it's supposed to mean.
I wish... Pedophiles, batterers, abusers, and rapists were punished appropriately...
I wish... The same went for animal abusers.
I wish... Animals weren't treated as property by the law.
I wish... I could learn much more code much faster.
I wish... I could knit much, much faster. (I will soon.)
I wish... Hackers would use their skills to better the world instead of tear it down.
I wish... Everyone could reach and then explode past his or her potential.

I wish... Bullied children believed and knew in their hearts that bullies mean absolutely nothing, and their pain will soon pass.
             I wish... Women would come together, lift each other up, and support each other.
                          I wish... Abused women believed they deserve better.
                                        I wish... ALL women knew they were beautiful!
                                                     I wish... ALL children knew they were special!
                                                                  I wish... ALL people felt loved!
                                                                                I wish... Everyone knew the love of Jesus Christ

My wish for you is that...
  * You experience a love that overtakes your heart
       * You have courage to tackle the impossible
              * You know your true beauty
                     * Laughter fills your days
                             * Friendships carry you through

Blessings! Thanks for reading!

I don't smile like that when I buy toilet paper or wash my hair!

By : Unknown
Ugh! We've all seen those commercials-- Women, men and children smiling and laughing as if purchasing products and services is the most care-free and wonderful activity on earth. It isn't. It's miserable for many reasons. Yes, I do enjoy getting (as in getting it home or having) the items I need or want, but the actual act of picking out and purchasing those items can be brutal. But, why?
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Do Homeschool Co-ops Defeat the Purpose?

By : Unknown
Does being a member of a homeschool co-op extend your child's homeschool experience, or does it defeat the whole purpose of homeschooling?

I have home-educated my daughter since she was in kindergarten, and during that time, I have considered signing her up for a co-op. Why? Because it's one of those things many homeschool parents talk about. I sort of felt like it was one of those things I should, or was supposed to, do.

Co-ops are church-related and secular, and typically provide classes one to three times per week. In most cases, parents are required to remain on site during class hours, and many co-ops require parents to teach a class at least once per month on average. Some co-ops are completely staffed and do not require parents to teach.

When my daughter was in the 2nd grade, I started looking at various local co-ops-- asking a ton of questions and checking schedules, prices, curricula, rules, and other information. I must say here that, in my experience, generally, homeschool co-ops are extremely over-priced and over-rated.

Besides that, co-ops remind me of private schools, and regarding organization, public schools as well. Many were crowded. Children were separated by age or grade. Cliques were present, not only with the children, but also with the adults. That felt quite icky to me. I was completely uncomfortable, and sitting in on those classes just didn't feel right. And, what's up those ridiculous fees? And, what if I don't like the way another parent teaches a particular subject? What indeed. I began to think, "Why am I here? If I wanted my child in a typical organized school environment, I would have kept her in that type of system." (Yes, I tried public school for a couple of weeks during kindergarten, and couldn't stand it for longer than that. She then went to a Christian private school which gave me the time I needed to prepare to begin homeschooling my daughter at the start of her 2nd term of K.)

While checking out one of my Google Plus communities, +iHomeschool Network, I saw a comment from +Maidellyn Easey which really resonated with me (and sounded quite familiar): "A few years ago we tried joining a co-op.  With the large amount of children present, it reminded me of a large private school.  It had the age segregation, and I saw cliques taking place among the students and parents as well.  What is your opinion about the environment in co-ops in comparison to that of a regular school?"  She took the words right out of my mouth! I wonder if we checked out the same place. :)

Although I have thought about it from time to time, I never joined a co-op. One of the wonderful advantages of homeschooling is that WE get to do what we want to do when and how we want to do it. Our schedule is our own, and we control it. It's flexible. It's convenient. It isn't rushed, and specifics such as the schedule, the curricula, the pace, and days off aren't determined by someone outside our family. Even better, we get to study the bible as much as we want.

Homeschool co-ops may work for many home-educating parents, and I'm sure there may be many positive aspects; however, co-ops aren't for my family. To me, they seem to be too closely related to outside educational institutions, and that just doesn't work for us. We don't need a co-op for education, and we don't need it for "socialization". I don't have an objection to my daughter being exposed to different teaching styles, but that isn't enough to get me to put her in a co-op.

Home-education is about finding whatever works for your family. For us, co-ops don't fit the bill.

Do you homeschool? If so, do you belong to a co-op? What has your experience been like?

Thanks for reading, and your comments are appreciated!

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Embrace Life

By : Unknown
Even though this beautiful and inspiring "seat belt awareness" video/ad has recently resurfaced on a social network or two, it was originally released in January 2010.  It was created by Writer/Director Daniel Cox and Producer Sarah Alexander, and it has developed quite the following.

We all know the typical shocking seat belt ad, and this isn't it.  So, I'm just going to leave you to it. Yep, that's it. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

More Information: Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt

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A little ram humor for you

By : Unknown

This not-so-little guy has become pretty famous. Enjoy!

Angry ram attacks motorcyclist for invading his turf

Motorcyclist gets ambushed by an angry ram - The Rematch

Angry ram takes down drone

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Have Faith in Me, not your fear

By : Unknown
I homeschool my daughter. As we reviewed a few things recently, I suddenly remembered a conversation we had last year when she was in the 3rd grade. We were studying specific math concepts, and my daughter began showing fear again. You may think I'm talking about the lesson, but I'm not.

My daughter has always been overly worried and concerned about pleasing me and making me proud of her. This is something she need not worry about... EVER, but she does... constantly -- especially during school time. This is true of most kids which is why reinforcing love, understanding, and patience is so important.

During class, we spent a lot of time discussing her fears-- fear of not making me proud, fear of getting the answer wrong,

To me, The Bible is no Joke

By : Unknown
**updated re-blog from my 11/11/13 WP blog post**

I am definitely not the only person with an opinion or a belief on many different topics out there.  And, the bible is one of them.  Uh-oh!

Since I rarely discuss "religion", God, or the bible here (I have another spot for that- Grace Plus Faith), I decided I should clear out a few cobwebs about what I believe and where I stand.

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